Wire Mesh Filter Cloth

Material: Stainless steel wire, nickel wire, brass wire, High-quality low-carbon steel wire.

Use: In filtration of gas and liquid, also separation of other media.

Weaving: Plain Dutch weave and twill Dutch weave. Produced in accordance with China State Standard JB/T5979-92, which is in consistence with international standard ISO4783/1-1990.

Wire mesh filter cloth mainly refers to wire mesh products made with Dutch woven patterns. Lanyang Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Factory is an expert in woven wire mesh, especially custom and special type wire mesh filter cloth Dutch woven. Dutch Woven Wire Cloth can be further divided into mainly four types according to weaving patterns:

Wire Mesh Filter Cloth Dutch Plain Woven

Wire Mesh Filter Cloth Dutch Twill Woven

Wire Mesh Filter Cloth Reverse Dutch Woven

Wire Mesh Filter Cloth Five-Heddle Woven